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We can manufacture individual spare parts to meet your needs. We produce, remodel and repair general industrial machinery.
EARTH INDUSTRIES is located in the heart of Mizushima's industrial belt. We provide services to assist factories in improving their production output. If you have an idea or plan to improve your production capacity but have no means of bringing this initiative into practice, please talk to us at EARTH INDUSTRIES. We are here to help you improve your company's bottom line. We can provide you and your company with production initiatives based on our wealth of experience. At EARTH INDUSTRIES, we can assist in the installation and running of conveyor belts, low-energy equipment and automated machinery. Of late, we have increasingly focused on the planning and production of automated material handling robotics. We also use client generated plans in the assembly, mounting and testing of equipment. We can also manufacture individual parts to suit your requirements.


Address 〒712-8055
2-5-25 Minamise, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama 712-8055
TEL +81-86-455-2848
FAX +81-86-456-0480
General Representative
Established 1973
Capital 20,000,000 yen ($1=100 yen)
Annual Sales 340,000,000 yen



We can develop plans and manufacture conveyor belts, low-energy equipment and automated machinery to suit customer needs. Based on blueprints supplied by your company, we can assemble and integrate any equipment into your existing capital network. Nomatter what the job, please contact us. Using precision engineering we can manufacture equipment to within a micron, and conduct quality trials on site. We can also make any parts you require using gluing and folding techniques, all under the one roof.

Special methods, technology and facilities.
We can manufacture equipment which is fully integratable with existing production facilities. As the equipment we manufacture is fully customised, we never make the same machinery twice. We design, plan and manufacture conveyor belts, low-energy equipment and automated machinery to meet each of our customers requirements. At EARTH INDUSTRIES we can assemble and adjust machinery to meet the most precise production requirements.
To ensure our equipment meets efficiency and quality requirements, we can repair and modify equipment to meet your needs.
Drive pinion conveyer belt, Bag manufacturing equipment overhaul, Board conveyer belt, Metal waste conveyer, Compressor, Pallet conveyer belt, Valve body assembly machine, Gabana cover processing machine, M/C work processing clamp tool, Inspection machine, Disk slitting saw conveyer belt.

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