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Borrowing the power of microbes to treat wastewater and effective utilization of food waste. We provide cost-cutting wastewater treatment and deodorization technology. Seeking to expand our market.
Environmental Technology is a biotech laboratory that has researched wastewater treatment and deodorization for many years, recently coming out with new findings. A range of flexible knowledge is required to adapt to the varying conditions of each wastewater treatment and deodorization location. Our company gives priority to this knowledge in our work, allowing us to use simple equipment and cut maintenance requirements, while also ensuring minimal odour throughout your establishment. We hope to provide this technology at a reasonable price. If you are experiencing even the smallest of problems in your establishment, do not hesitate to give us a call. We are also seeking to expand our market through consignment research.


Address 〒708-0825
416-14 Shitobe, Tsuyama-shi, Okayama 708-0825
TEL +81-868-25-2044
FAX +81-868-25-2045
General Representative
Established 1998
Employees 2
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We conduct the research, development and sale of industrial wastewater treatment, livestock wastewater treatment and sludge reduction technology. We also conduct the design, implementation and sales of equipment and bioreactors to meet your specific environment, the sale of humification technology for the effective use of food waste and related greening products. We also conduct the research and development of the above items by consignment.

Our products
Various wastewater bioreactors and reactors for deodorization.

Other products
American Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) approved Biocleaner (industrial use cleaner for foodstuffs)

Technical services
The provision of various wastewater treatment know-how, maintenance and temporary staffing.

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