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We handle everything from workplace kitchen machinery to tableware, cooking utensils, accessories and detergents. Let's take the lead together in the abundant Food Culture of the 21st Century!
Beginning with workplace kitchen equipment, and through subsequent stocking of various items such as tableware and cooking utensils, FUKUI CHUBOU CO. LTD. has been able to support the development of food culture, and thus bring joy to many customers. As we enter the 21st Century, we have increasingly focused our efforts on recycling, hygiene and environment related products, with the intention of continually supporting this emerging food culture. If you have any problems in your kitchen, or if you're about to open a store and have serious concerns, we would love to hear from you. We will help you find solutions to your problems through our expertise that has been cultivated over many years. We can also help you with the production of agricultural produce. In addition, we also handle equipment used in the production of miso paste, bean curd, jams and juices, as well as utensils used in the making of udon and soba noodles, bread and sticky rice. We're constantly seeking your ideas and in


Address 〒700-0953
263-1 Nishiichi, Okayama-shi, Okayama 700-0953
TEL +81-86-241-9551
FAX +81-86-241-2792
General Representative
Established 1949
Capital 21,000,000 yen ($1=100 yen)
Annual Sales



From workplace kitchen machinery design and installation, all the way to maintainance, our company offers a co-ordinated service that creates tableware, cooking utensils, and display of various kitchen accessories (used for cooking), catering to the needs of our clients. In January 1999 we also began the sale of recycled kitchen machinery, as well as sinks and stainless steel products manufactured by our affiliated company Meihou Corporation. We are the No. 1 store in the region.

Our Products
Stainless steel sinks, tables, cabinets, wagons, racks, conveyers, shelves, containers, stainless steel furniture, system kitchens, product signage

Other products
Products for use in cooking of hot food: (portable range - fryers, grillers, steam convection ovens, fish cookers, roast food cookers; Chinese range - boiled noodle cookers, thawing sheets, steamers, broilers, warmers, tilting pans). Refrigeration equipment: (refrigerators, freezers, showcases for frozen foods). Cooking equipment: (mixers, food slicers, food cutters, meat slicers, onion slicers, evaporators). Cleaning devices: (dishwashers, disposers, garbage disposers, utensil detersion equipment etc.). Service Equipment: (Salad bars, heated/chilled carts, towel boats, coffee servers, alchohol on tap etc.) Utensils: (Japanese, Western, Chinese style) Cooking utensils, Hygenic items: (detergent, thermometers, disinfectants, anti-bacterial containers etc.) Tableware: white uniforms and accessories.


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