Fine Food Network Co., Ltd.

Wholesale and Retail trade / Okayama-shi


Through our delicious food, we hope to create a network of smiling faces. Doing our best to create great staff and great products and constantly implementing improvements.
Delicious food makes a wonderful gift and there is nothing we enjoy more than seeing the smiling face of a customer. It is these two objectives we are constantly striving to achieve.
Ramen noodles are a food that Japanese people, regardless of age, sex or what area they live in, love, and as we head towards the 21st century, it is not a food that is going to go away. We are a company always working on new developments. We are currently in the middle stages of our overall management plan, and will continue to progress step-by-step towards the future. As we enter the 21st century in the year 2000, we will be poised on the starting line of this milestone, harnessing the combined power of our manufacturing, retail and management departments to maintain and promote our status as a company that makes quality products.
Through our delicious food, we hope to create a network of smiling faces. Using computers and advanced communication, we are able to effectively distribute information throu


Company Name Fine Food Network Co., Ltd.
Address 〒703-8285
3-2-18 Sakurabashi, Nakaku, Okayama-shi, Okayama 703-8285
TEL +81-86-238-3555
FAX +81-86-238-3558
General Representative Hiroyasu Ochi
Established October 1988
Capital US$210 000 (US$1=100yen)
Employees 74
Annual Sales US$5.3 million



Manufacturing Department: Manufacturing and processing of Ramen ingredients (noodles, roast meat, soup and sauces) and toppings.
Retail Department: Shop management, menu development, franchise (FC) shop support and development of our direct sales outlets.
Management Department: Accounting, general affairs, information systems and employee training.

Manufacturing Department
Noodles: Using the basic ingredients of flour and salt water, our noodle making machines are able to make up to 10 000 portions per day, or 1 150 000 per year.
Soup: Pork bones boiled in a soup for over 8 hours, then sealed in vacuum packs and sent directly to our shops.
Roast Meat: The meat is cooked then processed into Chinese-style roasted meat

Retail Department
Based on our Retail Manuals, we have standardised our service levels, and utilised our know-how from our direct sales outlets in providing guidance for FC shops. All our menus, receipes and POP's are undergoing electronisation, and we have be

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