Fujisawa Tozaemon Co., Ltd.

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We use 100% locally grown rice to brew our Hon-Mirin. Please don't forget to sample our delightful sweet white Sake. We are looking for retail partners. We can transport our Sake directly to you.
Our brewery is located on the banks of the Inland Sea, west of Kurashiki City at Kurosakiminami no Ura. We produce Mirin (cooking Sake), Shirozake (sweet white Sake) and Shochu at our brewery. At Fujisawa Tozaemon we always endeavour to satisfy our customers needs through our top quality, hand-made Sake and Sake related products.
We are currently searching for retail stores who are willing to stock our products. As we can deliver our product to your door, please sample the delights of our Asahifuji Sake.


Company Name Fujisawa Tozaemon Co., Ltd.
Address 〒713-8126
8000 Tamashima Kurosaki, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama 713-8126
TEL +81-86-528-1043
FAX +81-86-528-2174
General Representative
Established 1896
Annual Sales


Though our company focuses on the production of Mirin, we also brew our own sweet white Sake and Shochu. Please sample the difference of our traditionally brewed, hand made products. As we can deliver to any part of Japan please do not hesitate to contact us.

Note:Though some companies may be able to take enquiries and orders in a foreign language, some companies may find it difficult to respond to enquiries not made in Japanese. Furthermore, as there are government regulations restricting the export of Sake, orders made by an individual for small amounts cannot be filled.

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