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A total glue maker producing glue for various purposes. We will introduce new products and give advice on rationalization.
- New Product Range -
Following is an outline of our groundbreaking range of products.
(1) Adhesives for flooring; Our trade name Dinogrip series are moisture-curable polyurethane based adhesives used for bonding PVC sheets, PVS tiles, linoleum, artificial grass, wooden floors and more. Dinogrip F-1 is very well accepted by the market due to its environmentally friendly non-solvent type adhesive properties.
(2) Moisture curable polyurethane hot melt adhesives; We developed this product in reply to increasing demands for environmental non-solvents.It provides good coatability, initial bonding strength, and is widely used among woodworking industries.
(3) UV Curable acrylic hot melt spa; In addition to the various merits of hot melt such as no pollution, no drying process, and the speed up of coating, our new product offers amazing properties that only acrylic resin can offer, like excellent ageing and chemical stability, heat resistance and transparency, which are used predominantly


Address 〒708-0855
3-1-19 Atobehonmachi Yao-shi, Osaka 581-0064
TEL +81-72-992-0131
FAX +81-72-992-1513
General Representative
Established 1948
Capital 40,000,000 yen ($1=100 yen)
Employees 124
Annual Sales



We produce and sell various kinds of adhesives. We have developed alongside the Japanese shoe industry since our establishment in 1948, and currently hold the No. 1 market share in footwear application. In accordance with development and diversification of Japanese industries overall, we have successfully expanded our technology accumulated in the shoe field to various industrial domains such as automobile, construction, wood-working, insulation and lamination.

Our products / Products we stock
- Liquid type adhesives
- Emulsion type adhesives
- Hot melt type adhesives
We also manufacture non-adhesive products such as coating used for lamination and painting.

Special technology and equipment
Our company name NO-TAPE was named after our innovative glue that enabled the bonding of shoe soles and shoe uppers without the need for unvulcanized rubber tape. Recently, environmental problems have become major concerns for adhesive makers. As a result, our company has entered a collaboration agreement with the world famous hot melt glue manufacturers JOWAT/Germany.

In August 1999, our Tsuyama factory obtained JQA ISO9001 accreditation.

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