OSHIMA JIMUSHO Social Insurance Specialist/Administrator

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Social insurance specialists are the only specialists recognised by the government in the field of personnel labor management. People. Things. Money.... If it's a problem with people, leave it to us,
Social insurance specialists give advice in personnel labor management matters for small to medium sized companies.
Social insurance specialists can take on the responsibility of your company's personnel labor management.
For only a small cost, specialists can completely rid your company of troublesome labor problems.

{Previous Contract Results}
- Reduction of office work caused by outsourcing
- Prevention of work pile-ups caused by resignation of office workers
- Lightening the responsibility of entrepreneurs (taking the responsibility of representative company labor consultant)
- Providing solutions for various problems where direct counsel with administration facilities cannot be done
- Helping related administration facilities cope with inquiries
- Procurement of the latest personnel and labor management information (revisions of laws etc)
- Alleviation of employee mistrust towards the company (provide explanations from a legal basis concerning dissatisfaction and dis


Company Name OSHIMA JIMUSHO Social Insurance Specialist/Administrator
Address 〒710-0845
629-77 NishiTomii, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama 710-0845
TEL +81-86-421-2601
FAX +81-86-421-2602
General Representative Kazuhiko Oshima
Established 1986
Capital 1,000,000yen
Annual Sales



Please utilize as anexternal brain as personnel affairs person.
In place of entrepreneurs, a social insurance specialist takes responsibility of your labor and social welfare by acting as an agent, preparing and submitting legal paperwork on your behalf. They also create, consolidate and revise employment, wage and other internal policies, as well as maintain company registers concerning personnel labor within your organization. Social insurance specialists can relieve you of all your worries concerning troublesome labor, social insurance paperwork and complex labor problems.

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