Transport and postal activities / Kurashiki-shi


An outstanding reputation for the transportation of LPG and various other gases throughout Southern Okayama. A logistics supplier connecting products, information and human network resources as a crit
Okayama's principle steel, petrochemistry and high-tech production industries are located at the Mizushima Complex. Together with the complex, Fukuei-Sangyou Group Corporation has been growing and expanding. As a member of the complex we are a reliable company with actual results and professional expertise in production processes, dispatch, transport, loading, collection transport and storage industries.
Our vision for the future is to continue as a partner that actively carries out assignments from consignor enterprises, advances Western Japans' distribution base and achieves desirable distribution efficiency levels in accordance to needs.
We also pledge to continue providing total distribution services as a relay point connecting products, information and human network resources for users and manufacturers


Address 〒712-8055
6-8-14 Minamise, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama, 712-8055
TEL +81-86-455-6247
FAX +81-86-456-1422
General Representative Hirofumi Tanaka
Established 1966
Capital 30,000,000yen ($1=100yen)
Annual Sales



We operate in all fields related to the distribution industry and have earned a high reputation for our production procedures. We are achieving steady growth in the loading and transportation of chemical products and the transportation of oxygen, LPG and various gases throughout the whole of Southern Okayama. In regards to raw food materials we have been entrusted with responsibilities such as transportation, preservation and loading etc.

"Storage Facilities"
We are equipped with assembly style, moving racks that can safely manage loads regardless of their size, shape or weight.
Furthermore we have installed air purifiers to protect our customer's goods.

"Truck Advertising"
Benefits include cheaper rates than on route buses, mobility impossible in normal advertising and a large, unspecific audience.

"Introduction of Battery Lifts"
Even though battery lifts account for drops in production levels, we are pouring resources into the implementation of battery lifts from the standpoint that they don't give off black smoke, consequently providing safer working conditions for employers and advantages for the environment

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