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We are Japan's only manufacturer of the Sawa Direct Jacquard. Computerize your Jacquard loom with the Sawa Direct Jacquard.
[Product outline]
With the demands for differential products, high-mix low-volume production, and quick deliveries, electronic looms are an integral part of the textile industry.
The original "Sawa Direct Jacquard" is the solution to the diverse needs of the textile industry. Simply insert your computer designed patterns (via floppy disk etc.) into the machine to streamline your production.
We are also highly experienced in a number of mechanical jacquards, and the electronic management of pattern data.
Our equipment can easily be fitted onto existing jacquards (1-2 days installation by a specialist dealer).


Company Name HK SAMTECH CO., LTD.
Address 〒707-0014
1001 Kitayama, Mimasaka-cho, Aida-gun, Okayama 707-0014
TEL +81-868-73-6166
FAX +81-868-73-6167
General Representative
Established 2001
Capital 5,000,000 yen ($1=100yen)
Employees 4
Annual Sales



HK Samtech manufactures the Sawa Direct Jacquard (electronic patterning device). We have delivered over 10,000 units to a number of specialists throughout the textile industry, for use in the production of high quality "nishijin" silk products, Japanese fabrics, towels, neckties and other interior products. We also offer reliable support services and comprehensive maintenance for currently operating machinery via our dealerships situated nationwide.

Various Sawa Direct Jacquards
- Endless type [896 hooks, 1,344 hooks, 1,792 hooks]
- Cut Paper type [400 hooks, 600 hooks, 900 hooks, 1,200 hooks]
- We also cater for other unique specifications.
- Sawa Direct Jacquard maintenance parts.

Special technology
We are Japan's only manufacturer of the Sawa Direct Jacquard, creating innovative textile products through the computerization of traditional manufacturing processes.

Services / Sales network
With vast experience and technological prowess, our nationwide network of Sawa Direct Jacquard dealers offer extensive support to ensure many years of quality production.

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