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A company committed to nature and mankind. We can naturally rejuvenate any area, from highways to your backyard.
The depletion of the ozone layer, a contributor to global warming, is a concern for everyone, and at HAKKO CO., LTD. we are attempting to bring some relief to the situation. In our own unique way, HAKKO CO., LTD. is focused on the importance of 're-greening' Japan. Our company is busy developing local parks, golf courses, greening highways, in an attempt to build a more substantial communicative link between mankind and nature. Only through developing more green areas can our future generations experience the joys of nature, and a clean, self-sustainable world.

Our planning, development and management of rejuvenation projects.
Environmental awareness starts at home. Have you developed a garden and forgot about maintenance? We can provide skilled people to keep your garden healthy.


Company Name HAKKO CO., LTD.
Address 〒719-3105
31-8 Nishihara Ooaza, Ochiai-cho, Maniwa-gun, Okayama 719-3105
TEL +81-867-52-1360
FAX +81-867-52-3584
General Representative
Established 1971
Capital 24,000,000 yen ($1=100 yen)
Annual Sales



HAKKO CO., LTD has a wealth of corporate experience in environmental management and is held in high esteem within the industry, especially in Okayama prefecture. Though a majority HAKKO CO., LTD business is based on our golf course management activities, we have diversified into restaurant, rental video, and gift shop management. Rather than being just another big company, we are endeavouring to be a good company, by tailoring our business to meet individual needs.

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