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Allergen-free food products. We are a company producing foods containing only natural ingredients that taste great.
■Allergen-free products
Some time ago, the Okayama Atopic Dermatitis Association (O.A.D.A.) contacted us in relation to the development of juices that kids with atopic dermatitis could drink safely without any allergic reactions, and in 1988 we launched "Ringo-chan" and "Gurepuru" juices. Atopic dermatitis sufferers may be allergic to milk, eggs, soy products, flour, and rice. Our drinks do not contain any of these products, and only contain the juice taken from fruits grown on carefully selected organic farms. Please contact us if you are interested in any of our products.


Address 〒713-8102
1-14-5 Tamashima, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama 713-8102
TEL +81-86-526-5141
FAX +81-86-526-3018
General Representative
Established 1947
Capital $100,000 ($1=100 yen)
Employees 22
Annual Sales $5 million


We make our products from only the most natural of ingredients, in strictly clean environments. We also make a range of juices that we have developed including a unique milk-type non-dairy drink "Cocktail retaju" as well as our preservative free, 100% fruit juices and "Ringo-chan" juices developed in conjunction with the O.A.D.A.

Our products
Drink packs
We make a range of drinks for the O.A.D.A. including "Ringo-chan" and "Gurepuru" juices, 100% fruit juices, 50% fruit drinks, "Cocktail Retaju", "Cocktail White", "Cafe O'Netto", "Mirusshu" and "Abukubo".

We also make a range of confectionery including "Tokuyou-Odaki" (savoury biscuits)", "Tokuyou Oban", "Tokuyou Yokozuna", "Tokuyou genmai", "Tokuyou Goldern Corn", "Tokuyou ebi-iri", "Tokuyou Kozakana arare", "Tokuyou Pom Pom sembei", Tokuyou Goshiki Arare", "150 Okaki", "150 Oban", "150 Yokozuna", "150 Genmai", "150 Gold Corn", "150 ebi-iri", "150 Kozakana Arare" and "Pom Pom Sembei" developed in conjuction with the O.A.D.A.

Products available packaged in our special plastic packaging include 100% fruit juices, 50% fruit drinks, O.A.D.A. "Ringo-chan", O.A.D.A. "Gurepuru". These products are produced within a totally clean environment without the use of any additives, and therefore pose no potential threats to allergy sufferers.

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