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You need to look after yourself in order to stay healthy. Direct sales with complete after sales care.
We are a company with a history spanning over100 years, 50 years before the war as a tofu shop, and 50 years after the war in the flour industry. With health insurance payments on the increase, people who believe "you need to look after yourself" are gradually increasing. It is in light of this change of attitude that, from the end of last year, the popularity of our product, "the germinating Hato-mugi wheat series" has been steadily increasing in popularity. One sachet per day. Easy, convenient and most importantly, healthy. You too, should help your health by trying our Hato-mugi flour drink.


Company Name Hanshoya Co. ,Ltd.
Address 〒708-0032
23 Fushimi-cho, Tsuyama-shi, Okayama 708-0032
TEL +81-868-22-5128
FAX +81-868-22-1632
General Representative Yuji Okada
Established 1946
Capital US$200 000 (US$=100yen)
Employees 30
Annual Sales US$3 million



With 50 years before the war and 50 years experience in the flour industry we have long been contributing to Japanese food culture with the production of a variety of flours and ingredients for Japanese-style confectionery. Recently, using flour making methods we have also branched out into various health food fields. We will continue to make the best possible products utilising our accumulated know-how, continuing to expand our market and carry out strong research and development.

Our Products
"Hato-Mugi Wheat Chikara GOLD", Yomugi healthy tea, "Arutemishia", locally famous "Kuromane Kinako Flour", hato-mugi kinako flour drink "Kuromame Kinako and Hatomugi", and other hatomugi products.
"Tokujo Flour", "Tokumochi Flour", Kinako Flour" and other ingredients for Japanese-style confectionery.

Products we Handle
Japanese flour and various ingredients for Japanese and Western-style confectionery.

Special Technology
Our flour production equipment is in many ways superior to that of other makers in neighbouring prefectures, and we will be installing a new freeze dryer this year. Some of employees have also been with us for over 40 years, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the manufacturing of our products, giving them that special flavour.

We enjoy a solid reputation for the fast, efficient delivery of our products, which are sold directly to the public with a mminimum of fuss.

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