HARA KOGYO Corporation

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A rush mat maker in Okayama. Rush products are remarkably healthy.
Seeking new sales roots for our rush products
Rushes, having been planted and used in various ways since old times, are plentiful in the Hayashima area, having a temperate climate and a lot of rain. Rushes absorb moisture, thus lowering humidity in a room. On the other hand, when it is dry, they emit moisture, creating comfortable environment. Moreover they absorb acidified matter containing nitrogen in the air and clean the air. Our Hanagoza, or rush mats, have various designs and colors, creating comfortable and healthy environment.


Company Name HARA KOGYO Corporation
Address 〒701-0303
278 Maejima Hayashima-cho, Tsukubo-gun, Okayama 701-0303
TEL 81-86-482-1051
FAX 81-86-482-1085
General Representative
Established 1964
Capital $30,000/1$=\100
Annual Sales $200,000/1$=\100


We provide various rush products, always applying new senses as well as traditional ones. 100% made in Japan, our products are always ranked at the top level in the Okayama rush product competition held annually. We carry various kinds and designs of rush products.

Our products
Rush mats, rush cushions, mat sheets, cool mats (sleeping mats), genkan mats, table centers.
All products are completely original designs. All the products are resin processed, hard to color.

Price Gohachima: 1 mat from 6,000 yen; Honma 1 mat from 7,000 yen
When ordering electronically, please make deposits out to HARA KOGYO Corporation, No. 01260-4-4290
Size Gohachima Honma
1 88 x 176cm 95 x 191cm
2 176 x 176cm 191 x 191cm
3 176 x 264cm 191 x 286cm
4.5 264 x 264cm 286 x 286cm
6 264 x 352cm 286 x 382cm
8 352 x 352cm 382 x 382cm

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