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R&D, manufacture and sales of food ingredients, pharmaceutical/cosmetic ingredients and functional dyes.
Hayashibara had our beginnings in 1883 as "Hayashibara Shoten", producing starch syrup on the Asahi River. Today we stand as leaders in enzymology, microbiology and biotechnology and are continuing to diversify into life sciences, centering on the research, development and sales of trehalose which is produced from starch saccharification; interferons, which act as anti-cancer drugs used in medicine materials; stabilized vitamin C as used in cosmetics, and coloring dyes for photograph film and optical disks.
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Address 〒700-0907
1-1-3 Shimoishi, Okayama 700-0907
TEL +81-86-224-4311
FAX +81-86-221-6405
General Representative Reiji Nagase
Established 1883
Capital ¥7,500,000,000 yen
Employees 595
Annual Sales



Hayashibara is devoted to the research and development .
Hayashihara Co., Ltd. developes various glucidics containing superior properties from starch through enzyme and microbe technology. We also develop ingredients such as interferons and other physiologically active substances, as well as stabilized vitamin C as used in cosmetics and medicines.

We uses enzymes produced by microorganisms to develop saccharides.
"Food Ingredients (Various saccharines and sweetners)"
Treha (A saccharine with multi-functionability that is closely related to trehalose), Sunmalt (highly sweetens maltose, increased antiseptic properties, prevents ageing), Coupling Sugar (glycocil-sucrose sweetner), Tetowrap (Marthe oligosaccharide. High quality saccharine with fast digestive properties, Nyuka oligo (Superior oligosaccharide effective in the breeding of lacto sucrose bifidus bacteria). Panowrap (Isomalt oligosaccharide. Saccharine effectively used in the breeding of bifidus for low decaying properties), polysaccharide pullulan (adhesive ability, naturally superior film), Pullulan flim (low gas barrier properties, aroma preservative properties, oil resistant, film for foodstuffs, and ingredients) etc.
"Functional Dyes"

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