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After researching the ecosystems of barnacles, we came up with the attachable barnacle prevention net for the underside of boats. BARNATECT will protect your precious boat from barnacles.
<b><A href="images/1-1.jpg"></A>The laborious job of removing barnacles is a thing of the past.</b>
When aquatic life such as barnacles, shellfish and algae attach themselves to the underside of boats, they can hinder water resistance, lower speeds, have a negative impact on fuel efficiency and can also cause engine problems. Once barnacles have become attached, they stick firmly due to cement properties and removing them without causing damage, requires time and effort as well incurring costs. New applications of specialized organic tin paint, used to prevent the attachment of barnacles, will be internationally prohibited as of 2003 for its' negative impact on the environment.

BARNATECT in action
Our independently developed "BARNATECT" will solve all these problems. BARNATECT is a two-layered net consisting of non-woven cloth layer, called poly-olefin, jointly developed with Dupont Co.,Ltd and a layer of mesh sheet. Fitted to the bottom of your boat, this new system will protec


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1148-3 Matsushima, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama 701-0114
TEL +81-86-462-6123
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General Representative
Established 1994
Capital 15,000,000yen ($1=100yen)
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Our Products
Our company carries out support from product development to marketing, the construction of personnel administration systems and consultation including education and training. We are currently manufacturing and selling a barnacle prevention net "BARNATECT", which is just one example of our independently developed products.

"Independently Developed Products"
BARNATECT protects your beloved boat from the attachment of barnacles.

BARNATECT encorporates reverse thinking principles. Algae and barnacles are lured to attach themselves to the outside of mesh sheet, and are then intercepted by the non-woven cloth. It even prevents minute larva. Adopting materials, which are lightweight and reduce resistancy, it realizes excellent durability and detachment time is less than 5 minutes for each organism.

Three advantages of BARNATECT
* Reduces the laborious work of removing barnacles.
* Increases fuel efficiency.
* Realizes pleasant sailing.

U.S. patent number 6,197,137
Japanese patent, public application no. 2000-287602

Basic specifications for the standard model
There are three types available; the floating type, which covers the whole of the underside of the boat, the stern cover type, which covers only the driving wheels and the full cover style, which fastens to the boat. (Prices st

Floating Type
Entirely covers the underside of the boat.
Standard BARNATECT Prices
Changes may occur due to width and type of drive.

20ft 49,000yen
28ft 84,200yen
21ft 53,800yen
29ft 88,200yen
22ft 58,600yen
30ft 91,200yen


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