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Let us rationalise your company's machinery through our hands-on experience, know-how and individually developed technologies. We are an enterprise successfully meeting client needs through the utilis
HIKARI SYSTEMS CO. provides technical advice based on the effective management of technology in the manufacturing of electronics.
We endeavour to satisfy customer demands for a freely available wealth of unrestrticted creativity, and better integration between 'people' and 'technology'.
Our highly-qualified employees have experience and real know-how in such fields as image processing, laser operations, robotics and ultra-violet ray technology. We have also carried out preliminary research on the development of more creative office systems. HIKARI SYSTEMS CO. is involved in the planning, installation and fine tuning of industrial equipment, and the rationalisation of any work environment through increased automation and energy preservation measures. Work is fully guaranteed by our comprehensive after sales service. Let us design a commercial system to meet your needs.


Address 〒712-8006
2149-9 Tsurushinden Tsurajima, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama 712-8006
TEL +81-86-444-3776
FAX +81-86-444-3032
General Representative
Established 1990
Capital 10,000,000 yen ($1=100 yen)
Annual Sales



Our company comprises three sections, planning, management and construction. In these sections we conduct a variety of work, including the planning and production of industrial equipment, the manufacturing of electrical distributors, the design of management systems, and the production, installation and testing of software. HIKARI SYSTEMS CO. is also involved in the development of robotics, more economical energy usages, and laser technologies. We have experience in using laser based technology in the scanning of any item, and then using CCD and our own company-developed technology to effectively measure that item.

Automated counting and packing of parts.
We possess equipment capable of producing and packing a set number of screws, washers and parts for industrial machinery. Our quality equipment can work around the clock to meet any deadline, automatically packing 20 different types of parts to suit your orders.
1. Packing sash parts. 2. Selling parts we manufacture to the public. 3. Selling screws and bolts to the public.
Procedures to ensure the profile measurements and quality of the metal products we manufacture. Joint development of various technologies.

In the past, we manufactured hard samples and other products for clients. We are now one of the few companies possessing a new technology which makes such waseful management techniques a thing of the past. Using computer graphics, we can now artificially generate various conditions and measure the effect on an given sample.
1. At HIKARI SYSTEMS CO., we can effectively measure any type of rolled metals.
Applying CCD grapic p

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