Hinase Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing / Soja-shi


At Hinase, we have the technological know-how, so for anything concerning labour-saving machinery and equipment, come and see us. A maker of various types of labour-saving machinery and devices.
Our company has accumulated a solid base of technology and know-how through the manufacture of internal combustion engines and various types of manufacturing and specialist machinery since the beginning of the Showa period. Using this knowledge, we are able to carry out the planning, processing, assembly and installation of a wide range of automatic and labour saving machinery in a consistant production system.
We are especially proud of our manufacturing of low-current related assembly machinery, testing machinery and transportation and rolling machinery. We also carry out everything from the planning to manufacturing of NC industrial machinery, automatic assembly machinery, testing machinery, processing machinery and cutting machinery. Come and see us - You can be assured we will carry out any rationalisation or labour saving measures you require.


Company Name Hinase Co., Ltd.
Address 〒719-1121
500 Akahama, Soja-shi, Okayama 719-1121
TEL +81-866-92-9000
FAX +81-866-92-9090
General Representative
Established March 1925
Capital 10,000,000 yen ($1=100yen)
Employees 40
Annual Sales 800,000,000 yen



We are makers of various types of automatic and labour saving machinery.
Planning to manufacturing in a consistant production system, we are able to manufacture large quantities and varieties of products.

Our products
Liquid crystals, Semiconductor related assembling machinery, Assembly machinery, NC manufacturing machinery, various types of testing devices and welding machinery. Also carry out the planning and manufacture of a variety of automatic and labour-saving equipment.

Machining centre, electrical wire processing machinery, precision formation grinding machine, milling machine, jig milling machine, side milling machine, lathe, CAD/CAM systems etc.

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