Akaiwa Brewing Inc.

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We are a Okayama Prefecture based brewer, working day and night to produce a very high quality Sake. Our Sake is brewed by hand, using traditional techniques.
At our Brewery we use rice from Okayama Prefecture's Bizen rice growing region. In summer, farmers plant their rice crops and in winter they make Sake with this rice. Our president is personally involved in the Sake production process, and our brewers endeavour to produce a wonderfully zealous Sake.


Company Name Akaiwa Brewing Inc.
Address 〒709-0821
1113 Koumoto, Sanyo-cho, Akaiwa-gun, Okayama 709-0821
TEL +81-8695-5-0130
FAX +81-8695-5-0762
General Representative
Established 1913
Capital 10,000,000 yen ($1=100 yen)
Annual Sales



Outline of our Sake
While endeavouring to produce quality 'Ginjo' (high class) grade Sake, we also strive to brew delectable standard Sake varieties. Furthermore, every year we always endeavour to produce the best Sake varieties at a lower price.

Visit our Brewery!
Our Brewery is open to the public (Bookings essential).
We employ traditional Bizen (southeast Okayama) brewing techniques, so if you are keen to sample the delights of an ancient Sake brewery, please pay us a visit.

Note: Though some companies may be able to take enquiries and orders in a foreign language, some companies may find it difficult to respond to enquiries not made in Japanese. Furthermore, as there are government regulations restricting the export of Sake, orders made by an individual for small amounts cannot be filled.

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