Ichikawa Tsusho Inc.

Transport and postal activities, Industries unable to classify / Okayama-shi


Agents for ANA Airlines parcel delivery. Same day delivery within Okayama Prefecture. Multi-daily deliveries within city area. Charter deliveries. We charter storage equipment for airlines.
We are working to modernise the management of our express land and air delivery network.
Our company's development is based on our land and air courier service. For the development of our business, we have extensively studied the local road network. Founded on these ideals and the introduction of a secure transport system, we are continuously attempting to reduce our costs while improving delivery times.

A perfect transport system through the 'OK' system.
We are currently experiencing a 'home delivery boom', but our company was founded well before this time. Our company was originally involved in the delivery of goods from one individual to another. We then diversified into the delivery of parcels from department stores and private enterprise, indeed, our network extends throughout Okayama. The quality of our service has no rivals. Due to our adoption of the Okayama Courier Association's 'O.K. system', we deliver goods quickly, cheaply and effeciently.


Company Name Ichikawa Tsusho Inc.
Address 〒700-0902
1F, Ichika Bldg., 4-25 Nishiki-machi, Okayama-shi, Okayama 700-0902
TEL +81-86-224-0850
FAX +81-86-221-4540
General Representative
Established 1950
Annual Sales



<B>Ichikawa Tsushin Inc. </B> Overcoming the general idea that 'transport' equals simply the delivery of goods, we have developed, at a competitive price, a total cargo handling and wrapping service. Our company utilises the latest transport systems to satisfy the changing needs of society. We are the delivery professionals contributing to the broadening of society

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