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Contributing to the food industry is our motto. Seeking distributors.
* At Ichimoji we believe in the importance of "home made meals, natural soup broths and local ingredients". We aim to create a wide range of cuisine using these principals.
* In addition to managing a restaurant we have also diversified into the production of ingredients, processing, distribution, sales and aim to develop the production of raw foods.
* Our "Shirasagi udon (Japanese wheat noodle)" is a popular noodle dish among the people of Okayama.


Company Name ICHIMONJI CO., LTD.
Address 〒701-4265
1588-1 Fukuoka, Osafune-cho, Oku-gun, Okayama 701-4265
TEL +81-869-26-2978
FAX +81-869-26-8052
General Representative
Established 1953
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Annual Sales



* We have 20 years of experience in making handmade udon. In terms of management our business takes the form of a stock company and our self-service store is extremely popular throughout Okayama and Kagawa Prefectures.
* From April 1994 we added "Dodomese" an original Okayama variety of Chirashi Zushi to our menu and in January 96 we began the sale and development of frozen goods.
* In October 1996 we revitalized "Shirasagi Udon" which uses 100% locally produced Shirasagi flour and as well as selling it in our restaurants we also began to sell it as a frozen good.
* From April 1996 we also began to conduct business over the Internet.

For more information (Japanese only)
home made "Shirasagi flour" orders,
and mail orders of "Shirasagi udon" and "Dodomese"

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