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Technical innovation is always planned and the optimal product and service which read the needs for every visitor are provided.
Our company is performing software deployment which used trust development as the foundation, and is dealing with many systems which lead to a list output from the foundation time especially.
It is indispensable to create a list development software package, and for there to be original list culture using a ruled line in Japan which is employing the Cloud service using the technology further as a crystal of the they-accumulated technology, and to make the form change into the optimal thing for every - work content the whole company.
From the original viewpoint which is not caught by common sense ... Our company continues being an innovator in a software house community.


Address 〒712-8011
1887-1 Tsurajima, Tsurajima-cho, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama 712-8011
TEL +81-86-465-9098
FAX +81-86-465-9238
General Representative Yasushi Ishihara
Established 1992
Capital 10,000,000 yen ($1=100 yen)
Annual Sales



"Main items and service"
I have proposed reduction of the time and cost concerning development as a principal axis.

"Hoozin report"
The list development solution which can propose drastic reduction of list customization expense

"Chohyo Online"
List service towards the SaaS vendor troubled by Cloud's customization

"Trust development software"
I am developing the software of OAs, such as sales management, production control, and production control robot control, or FA.
I am using the C language for a development language.

Our products
The Report Development Tool "Fuujin Report" is Japan's only development tool that caters for lined reports and is compatible with not only Windows applications, but the internet as well. Realise decreased costs and development time with our easy to create forms.
Certified Social Insurance Labor Consultant Support System "Romu" is a support software package that allows social insurance specialists to submit different forms to each prefecture. Our software boasts a simple interface, which even computer beginners find easy to use.

Special technology of our commissioned software
Our company develops commissioned software for office and factory automation. Our software is developed using C language. (Sales management, Production management, Production control, Robot control systems etc.)

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