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Suppliers of ductile cast iron, graphite cast iron, low alloy and high alloy cast iron materials. On the basis of our wealth of experience and consistent results, we are constantly working towards dev
"Working towards the challenges of the 21st Century"
We are a company that provides casting materials such as ductile cast iron, graphite cast iron and low and high alloy cast iron for a broad range of uses.
Since our establinshment, we have continued to strive to produce products of the highest quality, while using our wealth of experience and solid history of results as a base to work towards the 21st century, developing better technology and new products.


Company Name Akioka Co., Ltd.
Address 〒713-8103
8252-35 Otoshima, Tamashima, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama 713-8103
TEL 81-86-522-7686
FAX 81-86-522-7674
General Representative
Established 1966
Capital US$260 000 (US$1=100yen)
Employees 60
Annual Sales



1)Product List
Construction machinery, special vehicle, hydrolic machinery and valve parts. Brake parts, various types and quantities of casting materials for high pressure cylinders, gear cases and hoist cranes.

2) Main Equipment
MELTING We melt our carefully selected materials, and in order to create the perfect system (to produce stable products), use an emmision analysis machine for testing.
We have 1 high frequency electric furnace, 1 medium frequency electric furnace and 3 low frequency electric furnaces.
MOLDING By matching each product with the most suitable molding machine, all our products are of superior quality.
We have 1 FBS molding machine (small-medium size molds), 1 FBM sand molding line
1 APS sand molding line, 1 flan molding machine (large size molds).
CLEANING Before introducing an automatic machine to our factory, not only do we check it will maintain our price efficiency, but also check thoroughly that it meets our strict standards for cleanliness and safety.
1 apron shot blast, 2 monorail blasts
2 CNC automatic finishing machines, 1 press finishing machine etc.
INSPECTION We have a variety of testing machines and a perfect testing system.
1 Metallurgi

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