Amtec Co., Ltd.

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It's simple. Automatic feeding! Easy to setSee us for waste treatment, cargo freight services, and our automatic feeding machine.
One often hears the comment, "I can't leave the house empty because I have a pet." This problem is solved by our "PakuPaku Mate"(or Munch Mate). It's easy! Whether you're there or not, it will automatically feed your pet for you. The settings for food quantity, feeding times and number of times the food is dispensed are easily adjusted, with any kind of food from powder form to large-sized dry food possible. With our new design, food is prevented from sticking halfway or becoming damp, so dry food can be stored for a long time in the feeder for future use.


Company Name Amtec Co., Ltd.
Address 〒708-0857
16 Fukuryoku, Tsuyama-shi, Okayama 708-0857
TEL +81-868-26-0147
FAX +81-868-26-5029
General Representative Akihiro Mitsuoka
Established 1995
Capital US$200 000 (US$1=100yen)
Annual Sales US$300 000



While our main business involves the manufacture and sales of our automatic feeding device, we also carry out, among a variety of other different services, cargo freight services and the collection and transport of waste products.

Cargo Freight Services
We carry out transportation and freight of products and raw materials for other companies in the industry.

Industrial Waste Collection and Transportation
Faced with the growing environmental problems of today we are, in co-operation with other industrial waste disposal and related companies, doing what we can to remedy the situation.

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