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We produce and sell Bizen pottery. Use our pottery and enjoy the Bizen pottery tradition in your everyday life.
Bizen pottery could technically be called "Inbe Pottery", as the centre of Bizen pottery-making is an area called Inbe, in the city of Bizen. During the Kamakura period, pottery was produced in Kumayama, west of Inbe. Industrial development however, forced the potters to move to the mountains, where they founded the village of Inbe and began the Bizen pottery tradition. Today this tradition continues, remaining virtually unchanged and enjoying popularity and prosperity.

◆Brief History
Born in Kato, Bizen City in 1959. 1975, joined the Ceramic Art Faculty of Bizen Prefectural Ceramics Senior High School. 1978, Employed at Kaneshige Bizen Ceramic Pottery Making Works as the 77th Master, Toshiemon Kaneshige's apprentice. Studied Pottery- making techniques for the next 18 years. 1995, Built a kiln in Sako in the town of Kumayama.

Potters Stamp


Company Name Bizen Ceramics, Kunpu Kiln
Address 〒709-0706
461-3 Sako, Kumayama-cho, Akaiwa-gun okayama 709-0706
TEL 81-8699-5-2639
FAX 81-8699-5-2639
General Representative
Established 1996
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We produce and sell all types of Bizenyaki Ceramics

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