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Manufacturers of electronic machinery for ceramic art and science. Seeking retailers and distributors. We hope to expand our sales of electronic equipment for ceramic use.
Antec is an electronic machinery manufacturer specializing in the manufacture and sales of electronic equipment for ceramic arts.
Beginning with the unique temperature guage known as "Kamataki Shien Souchi" (Fire kiln support equipment), we now develop automatic fuel suspension devices that monitor flame levels, data loggers for use in high temperatures, and a variety of analysis equipment. With the recent introduction of nursing care insurance, ceramic art has once again been recognized as a method of fingertip rehabilitation, resulting in an increase in the number of amateur enthusiasts. In reply our company developed the first electric kiln in the industry equipped with automatic firing equipment, and a liquid-crystal touch panel that allows interactive input of firing programs. Providing space for ceramic art is another of our interests, which is why we market Atelier House, complete with ceramic accessories such as an electric potter's wheel, potter's wheel stand, tables and ware


Company Name ANTEC CO., LTD.
Address 〒701-4254
116-3 Mameda, Oku-cho, Oku-gun, Okayama 701-4254
TEL +81-869-22-2155
FAX +81-869-22-3141
General Representative
Established 1991
Capital 10,000,000 yen ($1=100yen)
Annual Sales



As electronic equipment manufacturers for ceramic arts, we conduct the manufacture of fire kiln support equipment, automatic fuel suspension/regulating equipment, analysis equipment, data loggers and registering equipment, as well a complete range of materials for ceramic arts. We also develop safety equipment for industries such as NTT and JR, as well as general purpose equipment.

"Our Products"
Ceramic use fire kiln support equipment, automatic fuel suspension devices, fuel auto regulating equipment, automatic firing equipment, analysis equipment, data loggers, registering equipment, transferring equipment etc.
Incorrect traction prevention equipment for NTT.
Train route notification equipment for JR.

"Products we stock"
Electric kilns, oil kilns, gas kilns; full range of ceramic materials such as clay, shelf boards, props, enamels etc.; computer and OA equipment and peripherals; full range of home appliances.

Development of electronic circuit and microcomputer boards. Development of software for microcomputer board use and Windows environment software. Programming languages we use are assembler, C language, VB, VC, etc.
Planning and execution of LAN, WAN construction.
Personal computer and internet IT work and consulting.

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