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We are a pig iron foundry in Okayama casting for automotive brakes, hydraulic valves and industrial machines. A new green sand molding plant will be completed this fall. Give us orders!
Asagoe is striving to be a gray iron foundry which satisfies unrelenting demand for high quality cast parts in Japan for the 21st Century. In addition to our present factories, the construction of a new epoch-making foundry plant was completed in Octorber, 1996.We have cultivated high quality, quick delivery, and rigorous cost control through involvement in critical parts for safety and control, such as high volume automotive brakes, construction use hydraulic control valves which are of high complexity but low volume and yet technically demanding, and various parts for agricultural and general industrial equipment.


Company Name ASAGOE INDUSTRY CO., Ltd.
Address 〒701-0206
557-4 Mishima, Minami-ward, Okayama-shi, Okayama 701-0206
TEL 81-86-282-0131
FAX 81-86-281-4246
General Representative
Capital 33,000,000yen
Annual Sales



Utilizing the gray iron foundry, we cast and machine parts for automotive brakes, hydraulic parts of construction machines, agricultural machines and various industrial machines.
Quality of the material FC 250-300 FCD 400-600 (700) FCV 350-420 In addition to this, they are GGG and the special quality of the material (please consult about wear-proof, high hardness, etc.).
At the head office we have a foundry factory and the machining department. A new foundry factory started up in Mitsu Industrial Park, Okayama Prefecture, which has been in operation in October, 1996. Its projected production volume is 2,000 tons a year and it will employ some 150 people.

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