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Experience the health functions of Rosio. It will change your daily exercise routine. Shoes that improve your health. Increase the strength of your legs, just by walking!
If you're after shoes that have broken all conventional preconceptions and common sense, you've found them in the heeless health shoes "Rosio" and "Rosio Gold". Our specially designed arch on the sole is catered to the walking posture of people who step from the heel. By simply walking your posture and frame will improve, exhibiting highly effective strengthening of muscular power in the legs.
The effects of our shoes were first announced to the Orthopedic Society of Japan in 1993, and subsequently announced 6 more times by 2000, gaining the attention of both the medical profession and sportspeople alike.
We are currently seeking new stockists for our "Rosio" and "Rosio Gold" shoes.


Company Name ASTICO CO., LTD.
Address 〒702-8004
417-1 Enami, Naka-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama 702-8004.
TEL +81-86-276-2010
FAX +81-86-276-4050
General Representative Kouji Okano
Established 1938
Capital 28,000,000 yen ($1=100yen)
Annual Sales



Beginning with the heeless health shoe series "Rosio", ASTICO produces and sells a range of footwear including "Sports shoes", "School shoes", "Nursing shoes" and "Working shoes". We have expanded our sales nationwide, with our products available from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

"Our Products"
Our "Rosio" series of health shoes contain a revolutionary feature that helps control lower back pain as a result of the unique shape caused by the cutting out of the heel. The secret is in our sole, designed on a 15 degree angle. While stabilizing the centre of gravity, the back muscles are naturally stretched, effectively increasing power in the lower half of the body carried out by muscles which are not normally used. "Rosio Gold" shoes are designed to meet the walking habits of the elderly, with a lower angled sole design and light construction.

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