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Recognised by the machining tool industry as an industry of technological development. Winner of the 18th Invention Design Service Award.
Based on years of experience in NC retrofits for various manufacturing equipment, MC (automatic tool changing equipment etc.) development, production technology and sales activities our company was established in November 1987. Since then we have continued the manufacture and sales of ATC (automatic tool changing equipment), APC (automatic pallet changing equipment), labour saving devices and various auto loader automization.
Our company shares the same initials as the Automatic Tool Changing equipment that we stock, however our company's name is actually derived from "Advanced Technology & Creative to the 21st Century".
Our operations were first based in Kume-gun of Okayama Prefecture, then moved to Tsuyama city in 1989. After relocation we intensified the increase of our number of construction plants in order to augument our production capabilities. In May 1999 we acquired our current headquarters and main factory, located on the corner of the Higashiyama Industrial Estate (area 53


Company Name ATC CO., LTD.
Address 〒708-1306
380-8 Nishihara, Nagi-cho, Katsuta-gun, Okayama 708-1306
TEL +81-868-36-7360
FAX +81-868-36-8356
General Representative
Capital 40,000,000 yen ($1=100 yen)
Annual Sales 497,600,000 yen



We design and manufacture control devices such as automatic tool changers, automatic pallet switching equipment, auto-loaders, special robots, personnel and labor saving equipment.
"Special Characteristics"- We have established a reputation as technology developers in the machine tool industry and gained the trust of our clients through our active approach to business. In the 18th Invention Grand Prize Awards we gained a merit award for design.

Main products
ATC equipment includes magazines capable of storing from 2 to 200 tools such as BT, CAT, KM, HSK, NC5, BBT, CAPTO, block tools etc. for horizontal and vertical type lathes, boring machines, milling machines and grinding machines. Changers are run by oil pressure, air pressure, and cam drives. Arms are available in single, double and twin type forks, with swing and pickup systems.
APC equipment pallet sizes are 500-1250, 1200 x 1400-2500 x 4000, with diametres of 600-2000 and stock numbers of 2-8.
Our loader is equipped to carry weights from 200 gms to 20 tonnes, being used in various situations to carry equipment.
Combining the control (control panel) of decreased labour and labour saving devices. Currently accepting orders.

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