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We have confidence in mechanics. Leave all your machinery design needs up to us for advantageous results.
The excellent reputation that precedes all Atec products is a result of our manufacturing precision and wealth of knowledge and expertise built up over a long career. "Atec is a company which focuses on the properties of operation and function, and whose high precision work is completely reliable. You can expect nothing less than a high level of work from this company." These are just some of the satisfying evaluations we have received. We are a company that skillfully combines human resources and technology.
(Quoted from "Individuals and Enterprises supporting local communities and the 21st Century" the Sunday Mainichi Publication dated 17 March 2002.)
We have also received warm appraisal from our customers for our reliability and technical power as a "Technical Partner".
From the development of new products to the reconstruction of idle equipment, please consult us about anything related to the design of machinery and equipment.


Company Name ATEC CO., LTD.
Address 〒708-0317
1244-12 Yamagata, Tsuyama-shi, Okayama 708-0813
TEL +81-868-27-7451
FAX +81-868-27-7452
General Representative Hiroshi Taki
Established 2000
Capital 3,000,000 yen ($1=100yen)
Annual Sales



We carry out all areas of work related to machinery including the drafting of designs for labor saving and automatic machines, creating manuals, equipment maintenance and machinery manufacture.

"Product we handle"
Development of new products, labor saving and automatic machinery, conveyance, cargo, and transport apparatus, precise processing jigs, robotic welding equipment, jigs, sheet metal development drawings, single view drawings, automation of machine tools (ATC, APC peripheral equipment), reconstructions of idle machinery, calculations of machine functions and strength, consulting related to production management, the creation of instruction guides and manufacturing tables including diagrams.

"Specialized Technology"
Our strengths are our reliability and technical power based on years of experience and results. From planning to calculations, construction and the design of air and oil pressure, we challenge work from the user's perspective considering safety, operation ability, costs, ease of assembly and maintenance.
We excel at labor saving and automatic machinery, precise processing jigs, robotic welding equipment and jigs. We have confidence in "Mechanics" p

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