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A manufacturer and retailer of traditional high quality Japanese snacks. We are looking for distributors.
Japanese culture has a rich history stretching back many thousands of years. Based on Japan's unique culture, the production of "wagashi" (Japanese sweets) is a fine art with only a handful of dedicated producers surviving.
As Okayama Prefecture is situated in a temperate zone, the region provides the perfect climate for producing the finest ingredients for our sweets. We are fortunate to have such excellent ingredients readily available to us. Though some of our sweets are a little expensive, we use only the finest ingredients to ensure the quality of our sweets surpasses that of our rivals. We produce true confectionary by combining flavour with beauty.
The sweets market has recently been flooded with many cheap "wagashi" varieties. Furthermore, taking advantage of some consumers' ignorance, a number of companies produce "wagashi" appealing to the eye, but lacking in taste and quality. However some highly priced "wagashi" are also produced to very low standards, leaving customers d


Company Name BASYOAN CO., LTD.
Address 〒700-0822
1-9-62 Omote-cho, Okayama-shi, Okayama 700-0822
TEL +81-86-222-5516
FAX +81-86-223-6733
General Representative
Established 1909
Capital 3,000,000 yen ($1=100 yen)
Annual Sales



Our original store was located in the town surrounding the castle of the Ikeda clan, and we established our current company in the Meiji Period. We have survived through difficult times, endeavouring to satisfy the needs of our customers.
Our Japanese sweets have won a number of prizes and our "wagashi" has been introduced on television, radio and in the print media. Though we have developed our products to meet modern requirements, we are careful not to compromise the traditional qualitites of "wagashi".

"Our special production techniques"
We carefully select the ingredients for our sweets and utilise technologies which ensure a unique relationship between traditional and modern culture.
When you sample our 'wagashi', we hope you enjoy the special colour, texture, and aroma.
We hope you enjoy our superior sweets.

"Our sales range"
Our most popular sweets include:
Kurenai Youkan
(Sweet azuki bean jelly) ... originally made for the famous Shogun Toyotomi Hideyoshi, this exquisite "youkan" is still made in the traditional manner.
Tenmoku Youkan
(Sweet azuki bean jelly) ... we use the highest quality azuki beans when producing this mouth watering product.
In addition to a number of other sweet azuki bean jelly varieties.

Namakashi ... the quintessential 'wagashi'.
Higashi ... this long life, artisitc "wagashi" compliments green tea perfectly.
Asahigawa ... One our finest sweets. A favourite of the Showa Emperor and the royal family.
Bashoshiruko ... a sweet very

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