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Contact us about exporting automobiles from Japan. Calmatop - creating a friendly business relationship.

■At Calmatop Ltd., we have been retailing new and used vehicles for thirty years.

Calmatop consists of three service companies:
1. Retailing new and used cars (including the rental, kease and export of vehicles);
2. Mechanical repair and Service;
3. Body repair service.
Calmatop employs twenty-five dedicated employees, who provide the very best in customer service.

■Export to the world

Not only do we provide a variety of services to the Japanese automobile market, but also to the world, by exporting vehicles to clients around the globe. We sincerely believe our vehicle exporting service goes much further than simply transporting a purchased automobile to port. We endeavour to fully support customer needs by researching market trends and recommending suitable vehicles.


Company Name CALMATOP LTD.
Address 〒710-0016
2230-1 Nakasho, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama 710-0016
TEL +81-86-462-8618
FAX +81-86-462-8618
General Representative
Established 1969
Capital 3,000,000 yen ($1=100 yen) (Gr
Annual Sales



For perspective clients planning a trip to Japan to personally select vehicles, we can arrange acccomodation, a pick-up service, visits to auctions, and tours of dealer yards and wholesale yards. There are three possible auctions for buyers to visit; on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. We have 5,000 automobiles available for client viewing!

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