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We are the bridge between a wonderful lifestyle and a rich food culture. One of the leading companies in the industry, with a consistent production system and original product development.
The act of eating delicious food has become part of our culture and is one we carry out every day without fail, making us glad to be alive. It is the containers in which we put this food that has also become an indispensable part of this culture. According to changing tastes and lifestyles, people are continually demanding containers with a variety of functions and added value. Demands that us, the makers, are in a constant race to meet without compromising versatility or quality.
The stability and high profits of our company are based on our consistant production system, carried out from the raw material stages onwards. We are also a company that takes great pride in looking to the future and concentrating on undertaking new and exciting challenges in unknown fields.


Address 〒715-8501
1516 Higashi Ebara-cho, Ibara-shi, Okayama 715-8501
TEL +81-866-62-0095
FAX +81-866-62-1377
General Representative
Established 1963
Capital 96,000,000 yen
Employees 620
Annual Sales 62500,000,000yen



Since our establishment in 1963, we have been carrying out the manufacturing and sales of a variety of plastic containers and trays for department stores, supermarkets etc. We are the only company in the industry to carry out everything from sheet production to print and mold processing in a rationalised, consistant production system.
We are constantly seeking new ways to develop original products, and every year launch new products onto the market.

  • 中仕切との一体型にもかかわらず折箱を彷彿させる高級感を実現

  • 独自の技術による肉薄化で超軽量、リブも少なく料理を綺麗に演出

  • 美しく見せて、使いやすさも抜群。機能にもこだわりがあります。

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