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We develop and produce various factory automation and labor-saving equipment. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries on labor-saving machinery and solar systems.

◆We develop fully automised equipment using mechatronics.
Though automation can help a company in various ways, advanced technology, information, and experience are indispensable in order to effectively develop a totally new machine. We develop system software, precision processing technology, assembly-line technology, inspection technology and plan machine structures. Do not hesistate to contact us with your inquiries.Development and sales of solar systems and environmental devices.
We at Coretec Inc. are thoroughly involved in the development and sales of solar energy, solar heating, floor heating and recycling products. Feel free to test our highly regarded fine solar heating systems and houses.


Company Name CORETEC INC.
Address 〒719-1121
500 Akahama, Souja-shi, Okayama 719-1121
TEL +81-866-94-9000
FAX +81-866-94-9018
General Representative Shigeru Fujii
Established 1972
Capital 1,670,000 US$ ($1=100 yen)
Employees 226
Annual Sales



We develop various custom labor-saving/automation equipment. Handling development, planning and production enables us to manufacture products compatible with just about any system.
We also conduct development and sales of solar panel related products.

Our products
Welders, cutting/shaving machines, assembling equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, LCD manufacturing equipment and other fully automated machines.

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