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We develop such various electric boards as CPU boards that satisfy consumers' needs 100%. Would like to have business relations with you!
COSMO INFORMATION SYSTEMS CO., LTD. is a system house that works with you on a case by case basis, bringing your ideas into reality. From system proposals to system designs, we work to meet your specific needs.
From parking management, measurement and industrial systems, AGV, harbour cranes, and underwater search equipment to office administration database applications and management systems, our company has already adapted much of its software/hardware technology to all your company's needs.
Being aware of the environmental problems and problems facing those making the transition into the aged community, we also believe that through our development of electric wheelchairs and automated solar panels, we are making a significant contribution to society.


Address 〒706-0153
1463 Taki, Tamano-shi, Okayama, 706-0153, JAPAN
TEL +81-86-477-8328
FAX +81-86-477-6272
General Representative kingo koizumi
Established 1988
Capital 125,000USD (1USD=80YEN)
Employees 53people
Annual Sales 4,500,000USD (1USD=80YEN)



Software Development
We build broad systems, such as FA-OA, based on the abundant experiences accumulated so far.
I propose the best solution which suited the visitor's needs with the system design by embedded software, Unix-Windows-VxWorks/C, C++, C#, VB-Java, .Net-PIC, etc., network construction, database service, etc.

Hardware development
We have performed research of various control apparatus, development, a design, manufacture, and maintenance based on the abundant experiences accumulated so far.
Moreover, the design of a distribution system and the apparatus for vessels, installation, a construction supervisor, maintenance service.
I am offering research of various sensors and a system, development, manufacture, and remote maintenance service.

Contents work enterprise
We are performing plan and work of Web system contents and image contents, and graphic design work based on the abundant experiences accumulated so far.
He fully understands a visitor's request and it is tackling in work management / management organization of contents by the flexible way of thinking.

3D CAD enterprise
Our company is an authorization partner of Autodesk.
AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT which occupy a top share in the world are begun, and manufacture system CAD, such as Inventor and Product DesignSuite, is treated.
Shortening of a development period and a cost cut are attained by digital prototype design.

Temporary staffing enterprise
We answer to the talented-people needs in various employment system or an employment form.
To demand of "I would like to employ the talented people suitable for my company efficiently", "I liking to fill up sick leave, a maternity leave, etc.", "I liking to start a new project", "I liking to control personnel expenses", "I liking to control want ad expenses", "liking to utilize talented people effectively", etc., the former. The know-how of cultivated original talented-people adoption, education, and assignment is fully poured in, and high quality service is provided.

An inquiry to our company
The inquiry of a question, a request for proposal, etc. should use a telephone or e-mail.
The inquiry by a telephone is here [ 086-477-8328 ].
The inquiry by e-mail is here.

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