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With next to no worries regarding aftercare, you can rely on Ace Belt Cutters. We can provide you with the best merchandise processed by precision machinery.
For the last 30 years we have been manufacturing and marketing our belt cutters for cutting a range of materials including rubber tape, leather tape, fastener, string, vinal tube and plastic film etc. By just entering the specifications of the tape etc. that you have been manually cutting with scissors up to now, the machine will complete the cutting process automatically. There are several variations of this machine for cutting different materials including the cold cutting machine and the heat cutting machine which is used for PP/PE/Nylon etc. Previous models were only capable of being programmed to cut a nominated number of certain lengths, however the latest model not only cuts but also has a stacking function that makes the whole cutting process more efficient.

We currently export our products to various places across the globe to such places as America, Europe and South East Asia etc. via a trading company. From our base in Japan we would like to continu


Company Name ACE CO., LTD.
Address 〒711-0936
189-13 Yanagida-cho, Kojima, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama 711-0936
TEL 81-86-472-5643
FAX 81-86-474-5919
General Representative
Capital $100,000/$1=100 yen
Employees 11
Annual Sales $2 million/$1=100 yen



We design and manufacture belt cutting machines using precision equipment to suit the needs and requests of our customers. When it comes to belt cutting machines we are proud of holding the largest share in the international market.

Our products
Ace Belt Cutter (width, cut lengths, materials-45 types in total)
(special cutters, R cuts, angle cutters etc.)

Special equipment
We assemble all our products and machines. Equipment includes 'Hitachi Precision made machining center', 2 vertical machines, 1 horizantal machine complete with a pallet changer, 2 'Hitachi Precision made NC lathes' with robots, 1 with a bar finder, polishing machines, fired painting equipment and other specialist equipment.

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