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We aim to produce innovative new ceramic artworks. Through art, people can express their feelings creatively.
At DATENSHI STUDIO, we believe pottery is a means of communication between people. In the future, we believe pottery will emerge from its industrial art base, to something much more artistic in character.
We have developed a studio with a real 'hands-on', workshop feeling. Rather than teaching our pupils in a strictly classroom-like environment, we like our students to freely design something personally useful. That is the ideal supporting our studio.


Company Name CLAY BOX Datenshi Studio
Address 〒716-0051
5699 Matsuyama, Takahash-shi, Okayama 716-0051
TEL +81-866-22-1628
FAX +81-866-22-1628
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At DATENSHI STUDIO, we are not particular about copying a specific ceramics genre. We produce and sell various ceramic items using a variety of technologies and materials.
We also accept orders from a range of clients for the production of a variety of artworks. For those people interested in producing their own pieces of art, we also manage a workshop allowing you to express your creativity freely.

All our artworks are 100% originals, produced using original ideas.
We make all sorts of ceramic items, from vases and tea ceremony equipment, to name plates and copper plates.

The main concept behind our teaching, is to produce items which effectively calibrate the desired use and desires of the user.
This concept is brought into practice at our workshop studio, which currently operates from Thursday through till Sunday between 10:00am - 5:00pm.
We conduct a variety of classes with levels for beginners and professionals.

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