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Obtain licenses through our unique home learning packages. We will gladly refund your money if you fail an exam after using our study aids.
We sell TLT software packages for the attainment of a variety of qualifications.
As we fully guarantee the quality of our products, If after using our study aid software packages you sit an examination and fail, we will refund your money. All our TLT software was developed by 'Newton' (USA Patent/Japan Patent Pending) and are very popular with students.
Computer School
Study related to personal computers(PC) has received a great deal of interest lately. We manage a variety of courses to suit your PC needs. We are currently developing a kids course to assist younger PC users. We also develop homepages, and can send a skilled instructor to assist your company in training its workers in PC related areas.


Company Name DIGIPLAN INC.
Address 〒700-0903
3F SD Bldg., 9-30 Togiya-cho, Okayama-shi, Okayama 700-0826
TEL +81-86-227-6448
FAX +81-86-227-6449
General Representative
Established 1998
Annual Sales


At Digiplan Inc., we manage PC courses, catering from beginners to advanced PC levels. As the 21st Century is set to become an age centred on the idea of an information based society, let us support you in the new millennium.

MOUS:2 employees
Personal Computer Certified Examination (2nd class):1 employee

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