The business delegation to Laos and Vietnam is successfully over.

Jan 28,2014

  • ラオスの投資庁大臣からの話を聞いた後で全員で壇上に上がって記念写真を撮りました。 ラオスの投資庁大臣からの話を聞いた後で全員で壇上に上がって記念写真を撮りました。

The delegation is successfully over. We left on Jan. 12th and came back on the 19th.
We first flew to Vientian through Ho Chi Minh and Phnom Penh, which took long hours.
It was almost a miracle that the delegation was either on time or in time wherever we visited. Ironically the only time we were behind the schedule was the short Shinkansen ride from Osaka to Okayama. The train was delayed for 15 minutes due to snow fall in Shiga. The biggest mission of us, OIBA, was successfully accomplished, which is that all the 30 members came back safe and sound.
I would like to thank all the peaple who supported and assisted us for the delegation. All the people whom we met in both countries were extremely nice to us.
I can't forget to mention that the foods in both countries were good also.
Give us more time so that we can show you more pictures and more reports.
This is just a short message that the delegation was successful.
Secretary general
Hiromi Hamaya

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