Morita Shuzo Inc.

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We are adventurous Sake brewers! Through ancient traditions, new Sake brewing techniques are born.
We have been producing our locally brewed Sake varieties for many years. At Morita Shuzo, we take great pains when brewing our Sake to ensure our Sake is deliciously smooth. In today's fast moving world, we are protecting traditional Sake brewing technology to ensure its survival into the future. Only through the study of technique can an item of supreme worth be born. We are motivated by this ideal and work everyday to realise this goal.
Because we use only the best Asahi rice grown in Okayama, water from the Takahashi River, and a distiller who brews using the best Bichu (east Okayama) Nariwa brewing techniques, we are sure you will enjoy our Sake. Sake should be brewed in a cold environment, indeed, we work earnestly in near freezing conditions to produce a deliciously mellow Sake.


Company Name Morita Shuzo Inc.
Address 〒710-0054
8-8 Hon-machi, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama 710-0054
TEL +81-86-422-0252
FAX +81-86-424-0088
General Representative
Established 1909
Capital 10,000,000 yen ($1=100 yen)
Annual Sales



■Outline of our Sake
We endeavour to faithfully brew a Sake with a traditional palate, but develop bottles and labels to suit modern lifestyles.

■Events and Activities
Note: Though some companies may be able to take enquiries and orders in a foreign language, some companies may find it difficult to respond to enquiries not made in Japanese. Furthermore, as there are government regulations restricting the export of Sake, orders made by an individual for small amounts cannot be filled.

■Delicacy Boutique - Heisuiken.
At Morita Shuzo we posess a number of brewery-linked stores, which are refurbished brewery warhouses. We sell our Sake all over Japan.

■A room of selfishness - Baruchian.
In our Brewery we serve delicious coffee. Why not have a cup while admiring the pictures in our art gallery?

■Kura Kura Hall
Twice a year we hold a concert in our Brewery.

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