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The brewer of "Musashi no sato" and "Oohara Shiraume", located in the birthplace of Musashi Miyamoto. We're a small brewery that carefully nurtures mother nature's goodness.
We are a sake brewer who protects the traditional method of brewing sake, Japanese rice wine, right down to the last detail. Using natural water flowing in the Chugoku mountains and high-quality rice from the Mimasaka area, we have been making sake in Oohara, a small town endowed with a wonderful climate, for 115 years.
Our original sake called Yamahaimotojikomi Junnmaishu, brewed by means of "Yamahaimoto Jikomi", a method restored by us that makes use of lactic acid, was known as the fruit of wisdom by our ancestors.
When you visit Ohara, the birthplace of Musashi Miyamoto (famous samurai warrior), don't forget to pay our brewery a visit. You'll find it on the road between Ohara and Wakimoto. In spring of 2000, we also established a sales outlet with taste testing direct to the public in the parking area behind our brewery. Access is from national highway 373, so please drop by anytime.


Address 〒707-0412
1655 Furu-machi, Oohara-cho, Aida-gun, Okayama 707-0412
TEL +81-868-78-2059
FAX +81-868-78-3378
General Representative
Established 1885
Employees 4
Annual Sales



We brew and sell different kinds of sake like "Musashi no sato", named after the legendary samurai Musashi Miyamoto. Along with our famous Ooharashiraume sake, we focus our sake sales in our hometown of Oohara. Our Japanese sake rating is focused on both the sweet and bitter ranges of sake. The higher the + rating, the higher the rate of bitterness. However our sake should not only be judged on sugar amounts, but also on our content of amino acids, bitterness and fermenting qualities. We hope you enjoy the world of Japanese sake, brimming with individuality.

Note: Though some companies may be able to take enquiries and orders in a foreign language, some companies may find it difficult to respond to enquiries not made in Japanese. Furthermore, as there are government regulations restricting the export of Sake, orders made by an individual for small amounts cannot be filled.

We are a very small brewery. Therefore in order to provide our customers with high quality sake on a constant basis, we do not produce each of our labels on a constant basis throughout the year. Rather, we produce our sake on a seasonal basis. We will do our best to find a taste that you will enjoy, and thus fall in love with the individualistic world of Japanese sake. Feel free to contact us with enquiries.

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