Koua Fireproofing Industries Co., Ltd.

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As a specialist maker of fireproof products for electric furnaces used in steel manufacturing, we adapt to our customers needs according to reforms in steel manufacturing technology. Manufacturing a v
Our company, from its beginnings in 1948 as a specialist silica brick manufacturer, has always been the power behind the steel industry, producing high quality products using the best technology available.
With todays rapid advancements and the reforms constantly taking place in the steel manufacturing industry and manufacturing technology, the demand for the highest quality production of fireproofing materials has become quite rigorous. It is in response to these demands that we are constantly seeking to improve the quality of our goods while developing new ones.
As a specialist maker of fireproof products for electric furnaces used in steel manufacturing, we are constantly developing new products, while striving to expand into a wide range of fields through the utilisation of new and advanced technology.
Based on our proven results and conformance with the changing times and rapid technical reforms, we aim to raise our company profile even higher through the pursuit of more advanc


Company Name Koua Fireproofing Industries Co., Ltd.
Address 〒705-0033
3904-7 Honami, Bizen-shi, Okayama 705-0033
TEL +81-869-67-0321
FAX +81-869-67-3312
General Representative
Established 19
Capital US$924 000 (US$1=100yen)
Employees 84
Annual Sales



Our advanced technology enjoys an enviable reputation in the industry, with our supply of fireproof products for electric furnaces used in steel manufacturing also highly regarded. We also have a long history of proven results in our design and manufacture of a variety of industrial furnaces.

(1)A consistant engineering system from design to construction.
Using a range of special materials, we not only rely on fireproofing quality as a means to improve efficiency, but also realise the undeniably important role that the right choices and rational design play in creating excellent product technology.

(2)Manufacturing Equipment
In striving to create the highest possible quality fireproof products for use in steel manufacturing, we have modernised all our manufacturing equipment, starting with the introduction of a high-pressure mold oil pressure press. We have also adapted a wide range of equipment that fulfils the need of every process, from handling of materials to packaging

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